The Women Behind The Fashion

November 14, 2018

This season we are focusing on empowering women through fashion. An outfit that makes you feel good enables you to feel like you can do anything, and fashion is about expressing your inner self to the world each day. Below, we are proud to highlight the accomplishments of women designers whose creations we have known and loved for years, and sharing their views on the deeply personal way we relate to clothes as well as the effect that fashion can have on confidence.

Shape inspired by you, for you. Alembika was founded in 2005 in Israel by fashion designer Hagar Alembik. She stays true to a changing world, fusing shapes and silhouettes with an urban flair. Her designs use form, colour and texture to create movement and vitality so you can feel comfortable in combinations that reflect personal character and mood. At Alembika they want to help you feel comfortable with your body. Not the body you’re working on, fantasizing about, or wish to have – the one you have right now. Her goal is to keep creating new, yet timeless designs that enable you to walk with confidence, presence, and poise.

AYRTIGHT is proudly designed, manufactured, distributed and managed by Women with heart in Vancouver, BC.  AYRTIGHT believes that fashion should be celebratory, and life-enhancing, and that your wardrobe should solve problems. Whether it be squeezing a week’s worth of outfits into a carry-on bag, downsizing to a smaller closet, building a wardrobe that can transition from work to play or simply designing clothing that fits, they strive to offer easy pieces that complement their multi-generational customer base.


Created by Canadian designer Lyse Spenard, the BYLYSE brand aims to make women feel confident at any age and size with its elegant, casual chic collections. BYLYSE offers the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, versatility, and timelessness that bring ease to their customers’ busy lifestyle. The BYLYSE brand was established in 2008 with a clear vision: to design for women who get younger with time. She respects the diversity of her clientele and prides herself in creating outfits that flatter every size and body type. BYLYSE strives to bring the casual flair and comfort of everyday life into a brand that offers easy wear, easy care collections where femininity and sophistication take center stage.


Lana Reva, the Owner and Creative Director of Dressori, received her degree in fashion design from one of the top universities in Europe and has over 25 years of design experience. After working for other manufacturers for 20 years, Lana realized she wanted to create her own boutique design firm that could showcase her sophisticated aesthetic and one-of-a-kind artwork prints. In 2013, Dressori was born with the intention of providing custom wearable art. Dressorí is all about the must-have one-of-a-kind print, exquisite fabric textures, and the perfect cut and fit in various shapes and silhouettes – all styled and cut to be comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

From the beginning, Eileen Fisher has wanted her eponymous brand to be known for clothes that you don’t have to think too much about. You put them on and know that they will give you comfort, ease and elegance to move with confidence through the day. She has always looked at clothing through the lens of confidence and empowerment. The EILEEN FISHER brand believes that when you step into each day with confidence, you’re free to focus on what really matters. So they designed their collections to work for even more women, in even more ways. For them, what matters is community and the women who inspire them to keep moving forward. Because when each of us shines, we all shine.

For over a decade Lisette Limoges has been designing women’s pants with a purpose: crafting that perfect fit for all women and all body types. The goal was to leave no body behind, and she has done just that. Lisette L Montreal seeks to design clothes that celebrate the multitude of facets women want to present to the world. They are proudly committed to producing quality products 100% crafted in Canada, and dedicate themselves to making quality timeless fashions that you can wear anywhere, anytime, any place no matter your age, your size, or your style.


It all started in 1999, with Sympli’s founder Jan Stimpson and her quest to find the perfect tee. Turns out this was a lot easier said than done. Out of this challenge Jan was inspired to create a collection that focused on simplicity and an honest fit. Her mission was to address the needs of every woman regardless of age, shape, size, or style. Therein lay the vision for Sympli, a brand embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly, an authentic fit that is crafted with every body in mind. To this day, 100% of Sympli clothing is designed and manufactured in Canada. Every piece of Sympli clothing is designed with purpose, and crafted with heart. For clothing that moves and compliments not only your shape but also your lifestyle.

The Toni story begins in 1974 – when fresh out of school – Toni opened her first store. Toni’s acute fashion sense and the special attention given to each customer brought immediate success. Often there were requests for the same quality and style of clothing available but in larger sizes. Following her customers’ lead, the Toni Plus concept was launched in 1992, based on the same guiding principles of unsurpassed customer service and “fashion with a twist”. Over 25 years later, her dedication has earned her the reputation of being an industry leader in the Canadian plus size market. We are proud to bring you our private label brand toni T by Toni Plus which was specifically developed with your needs in mind. With a fine balance of elegance and edginess, our brand is created for women who prefer a modern effortless style and appreciate a high standard of quality and beautiful fabrics. We invite you to express your own sense of style without sacrificing comfort and ease, exclusively at Toni Plus.

Johanna Timmer, the founder and owner of Yoek, was born in Amsterdam and launched the Yoek brand in 1985. It grew into a well-known plus size brand with its head office in the Netherlands. Throughout the past three decades, Yoek developed into a quality brand for all fashion loving plus size women, creating fashionable clothing with a feminine flair. The label did not focus on producing large quantities like all other brands, Johanna wanted to design pieces she loves herself, beautiful styles with a perfect fit and in high quality fabrics. The fashion brand as it is today has been Johanna’s dream, and she loves that with only a few ingredients, you can make people so much happier and feel more beautiful.