Zsiska Colourful Beads Double rope Necklace in Blue

Zsiska Colourful Beads Double rope Necklace in Blue

$75.00 CAD

Zsiska Colourful Beads Double rope Necklace in BLUE

ZSISKA’s COLOURFUL BEADS collection was first developed as an exclusive collection for a museum about 20 years ago but is still quite sought-after by many ZSISKA fans around the world.  The collection is inspired by many semi-precious stones.


Every bead is poured, painted, polished, and knotted by hand. We ensure that each piece of ZSISKA is handmade with love and care.


With experience and dedication, ZSISKA developed refined technical skills and high quality standards to ensure that your beloved Jewelry will last for many years to come.

Designed in Canada, Handmade in Thailand

ITEM # 510-4010-209 BLUE

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