Dolcezza: The Fusion of Art and Fashion

Dolcezza: The Fusion of Art and Fashion

Designed in Montréal and manufactured in Europe, Dolcezza is a North American based company spotlighting strong fashion statements through styling and natural fabrics in selective patterns, prints, and trim details. Unique prints are created from the works of artists from around the world. Each print carries the personality and identity of their creators, and is an undeniable source of inspiration that allows their design team to create new and distinctive style – creating a fusion between art and fashion that breathes new life and splashes of colour into your wardrobe.

Meet the Artist: Laurie DeVault

Laurie DeVault is a contemporary abstract painter living in New England. Her creations are joyful explorations of colour and detail and are in galleries and private collections around the world. "When I paint, I play in a world of color, form and texture. My creative process is a spontaneous unfolding, an uncharted and boundless journey- my favorite way to travel" - Laurie DeVault

Her work featured in this Dolcezza collection is titled: "It's Complicated", a brightly colored painting of intriguing complexity. Whimsical, exuberant, and vibrant, it is detailed with rich colors and swirling black lines Tiny little details draw the eye closer. There's much to see in this painting!

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