Bryn Is In at Toni Plus!

May 05, 2017

Our latest Bryn Walker collection has arrived at Toni Plus—we’re talking something new, something blue (with a pop of red and white!) and something made just for you!

Bryn Walker is the Berkeley, California husband-and-wife design team who specialize in natural fibre fashions in eclectic shapes and silhouettes. This stunning Bryn Walker collection will be our most popular group of the season. It showcases what is fundamentally Bryn Walker style—their perfect linen that has substance and holds its shape without stiffness.

Everyone has been waiting for this Silk Tie Dye cover up to arrive—ultra feminine and flirty!

Both the Coral Linen Box Top and High/Low Tunic pair perfectly with the Bryn Walker Black Linen Casbah Pant or Crop Pant for the ideal hot weather wear for summer.

Keep scrolling for the full Bryn Walker collection.

If you’re looking forward to a hot summer, our Toni Plus Sherway store has an entire front wall set up with linen shirts, beach tees, shorts and crop pants—so crisp and colourful!

The fashions featured here are so fresh and new that they have not even hit our Online Store yet, so if you are really into Bryn Walker, visit one of our stores now. Or, if it is more convenient for you to shop online, these pieces will be available to order next week.

Happy shopping!